Welcome to X-Wing Analytica!

This blog is all about the second edition of the X-Wing Miniatures Game by FFG.

December 2018 I started to write Battle Reports for my favorite list of all time: the five RZ-2 A-Wings! Writing up my games was helpful for improving, to correct some false memories, and to draw lessons from my games. Unfortunately, the official forums are not quite ideal for such a project. I plan to continue with the A-wings, but I’d also like to write up battle reports for other lists. You can find an overview of my battle reports and some additional links about the list here.

I had toyed with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time. I have several finished or half-finished 1.0 articles that are by now outdated. The battle reports and meta analysis should be the majority of my content. But I will occasionally write about other things, too, always related to X-wing in some way or form, including a series on the Fundamentals of the game. The very first post of that series is fundamental: understanding the dimensions of ships, ranges and the playmat. Recently, I’ve added a strategy miniseries. All fundamentals articles will be shown here. Others that do not fit in another category are collected in what I call Various Ramblings and you can find those here.

I used to analyze and write up the contemporary hyperspace meta in my Meta Analysis posts. However, I believe that X-Wing 2.0 with 7 factions, 2 formats, and frequent points changes does not have enough data to responsibly analyze. Anyway, you will find all the meta analysis posts of the past here.

Lastly, this blog should additionally serve as my own Link Collection and I will continuously add to it over time. You will find a link list here.

I am always open for suggestions and happy about feedback. Just let me know!