Battle Report: Vaapad, vassal, 20.4.19

Had to play another game with the Republic list because it’s too much fun! This time I took the 199pt version with R2 on both Jedi.

Anakin Skywalker (60), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (18)
Mace Windu (46), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (16)
104th Battalion Pilot (42), Seventh Fleet Gunner (9)

AnakinObiwan (184pts)

Opponent’s determining action and my target priority: He has to be super careful! He wants to arcdodge before all else, and then ideally take r1 shots. His threat reduces normally, and there is nothing special about his shots. Mine on the other hand… as long as my ARC has arc, I have a huge range 1 band. So he has to be very careful while I can keep more distance. His ships are 3/3/3/3/3force, but once bad luck and the agility is gone and the game is almost over. I will take whatever shots I get, as two of my ships move first, but I try to focus fire. Especially with the stealth devices!

Deployment: This is one of the few games where I did not care at all where I placed my obstacles. I kept them out of the way, and so did he. I placed my ARC in the south-southwest base, with Mace more towards the middle. My idea was to introduce some asymmetry, giving him more reason to setup east and allowing me to move in more slowly. He did setup NE and my Anakin started in the SW corner.


The gameplan for the first turns: Bring Anakin fast over, keep the middle brawlers further back. If he wants to hide in the corner – cut in and block. If he pulls in, engage. In any way, go after one, ignore the other, and stay back to keep the arc wide.

How it went:

Turn 2 was his worst case: Anakin lost the stealth device. Trading 2 shields on Mace was well worth that!

Turn 1+2: the ARC went 1straight 1 bank. Mace went 2straight, next 1bank+boost to get a lock on Obi and maybe a first shot on something. The stealth devices need high volume to break, and I will focus on the ship that loses it first. My Anakin went 5straight+boost+roll, then 3bank+boost. That kept him too far away and the roll was a mistake, specifically the left over right. Otherwise I could have 5straight+rolled+boosted next, which might bring me into range. His Obiwan slipped through into the corner, but Anakin pulled in. He was a bit greedy with the lock instead of an evade, and he lost the stealth device on turn 2. That is not unexpected at 59%! That has to be his worst case, and his trajectory was set for at least another turn. I would get shots!

Turn 3, the last one for Anakin!

Turn 3: I still have troubles estimating the 4k. Maybe that is because I flew an ARC off the board today, something that has pretty much never happened to me so far, and definitely not unforced! Anyway, I thought I might surprise him with a 4k here. At worst I’d give him a juicy target, at best I’d get arc myself and could use the gunner for a 4dice attack. Mace did a 5k – again, keeping my distance! – and my Anakin came in hot with a 3 bank. That was unnecessarily close. A straight would be better for most positions. But I did expect him to go slowerand stay behind the ARC and Mace. Mace and Anakin both got a range 1 shot on his Anakin, and that was it for his 96 point ship. In my opinion he was way too aggressive. My ships brawl quite well, but I have 1 attack and 9hp more. By the way, the chance to remove Anakin was 50%. He could have survived, but it was not more or less likely to do so.

Turn 4: nothing happened

Turn 4: I turned into Obi. Here’s my thinking: If I make the net tight enough, he can only evade the shots by losing his own shot. That gives me the opportunity to take lock actions and regenerate my force and shields. But if he does not evade… well, 3x4dice are pretty rough. He slipped through and I got my actions. I didn’t regen the shield because I thought the game is over anyway. But I should have, and later on I regenerated anyway, trying to get the 200-0 back.

Turn 5

Turn 5: Sloop/Kturn with ARC and Mace. I figured that a 1hard of Anakin would allow me to follow Obiwan, and indeed it did. A boost+roll later, I got an (almost) double modified range 1 shot again. It seems like most shots this game were range 1, which is certainly something I don’t mind if I’m dealing them out. He lost 3 shield, I lost just 1, but I had one mod more. Mace regenerated – the correct choice by mere pixels, as I was just out of range. For the next turns, I’d get Anakin around and get my points back, and maybe dish out some more to Obiwan.

Turn 6

Turn 6: I wanted to go slow with Mace, so I 1banked and rolled in front of the gas cloud. That meant he would not be able to dodge both my ships and Mace was in a good position for next turn. But to my surprise he just parked Obi in front of Mace and took a focus. Maybe he wanted to help me end the game a bit faster. In any case, he took another 2 damage and got halfpoints again on Mace.

Turn 7

Final Turn 7: He k-turned behind my ARC. Mace slooped (the 3rd red move in 7 turns!) and Anakin came around fast with a 2turn and boost. The gunner gave me a 4dice attack and that was enough to push at least one damage through.

That ended the game 200-33, though I could have regenerated one more on Mace. Not that it matters.


  • I keep doing a lot of red moves. It is really liberating after months of A-wings where I honestly did around 5 red moves per ship in total, if even that (!!);
  • I don’t use the gunner as often as I want. Last game was twice, this game was once. It’s always worth it, definitely, but I’m not too sure about it;
  • I still love Mace and his ability. I didn’t spend so much force, but in this game I used it once. Never used Anakin’s ability in this game (but plenty times last game…);
  • Both really like their R2!

My general game plan shifts between three versions at the moment, variant “Single Flanker”, “Double Flanker” and variant “Pincer”. In the first, I have Anakin alone and the other two together. In the second, Anakin and Mace stay together and pivot around the ARC, which is the anchor of the list. And in the last, Anakin and Mace flank more independetly, on the same or on opposite sites of the ARC.

Next time – opponent’s list permitting – I will try out a variation of the Fleur de Lis opening with 1hard+1bank by the Jedi and a 1straight by the trooper. The follow up is pretty neat, a 2hard+boost on one side and a 5straight brings the Jedi to around the same height if looking from the opponent’s edge. Maybe I get to show in a game what I’m talking about.

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