Battle Report: Vaapad, VassalLeague, 21.4.19

Another vassal league game, another try with the 199pts double-regen Vaapad version.

Anakin Skywalker (60), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (18)
Mace Windu (46), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (16)
104th Battalion Pilot (42), Seventh Fleet Gunner (9)

KyloBlackoutBackdraft (198pt)

Opponent’s determining action and my target priority: He has two i5s and one i4 ship. Blackout wants to stay within the obstacles to deny two of my agility dice, so that’s a no-go zone for me. Or at least arc dodging is crucial against him! Backdraft wants to take a 3-4 dice rear shot, likely after dodging my arcs. That, too, is something I have to avoid. And Kylo will deal me a nasty crit through my 3 shields if I shoot him, so I will keep him for last.

Deployment: I think I started with the cucumber, then set the corner debris in the SW field, and last put the cloud into the tight obstacle field. That’s where I was not going to go. My ARC started in the SE corner with the idea that I can bank in and do not have to commit to anywhere. Anakin on the flank. Mace in this matchup is a beatdown who can’t dodge anyone, so he stayed closer to the ARC – but facing the sides so his first maneuver would keep him in the deployment zone. My opponent set up in the NW corner, meaning he had to go through 4 of the 6 obstacles, and that fit me well.

The gameplan for the first turns: Lure him into the free space, especially Blackout. Set up the flank with Anakin

Turn 1

Turn 1: 1bank by the trooper, Mace 1hard to stay close. Anakin went fast with 5straight + boost left, allowing him to go fast past the cloud. Kylo, too, went fast, Blackout went slower and Backdraft had already turned in.

Turn 2

Turn 2: Mistake! My Anakin went 5straight again, which was unnecessary. I should have switched to a 2straight, possibly allowing me to even dodge the arc of Backdraft. But I went fast, he went slow, so I boosted even closer and took a lock to get a good shot in. Double mods and defensive mods against a focus? I should have the better end of that trade any time! Except I didn’t, we both lost 1 shield… whoops! The ARC went 1straight, Mace banked in. The way I saw it, my ships were contracting around Blackout, but outside of obstacles. I don’t quite got his idea with Blackout in this turn, maybe he wanted to catch me off guard with a guaranteed obstructed shot against my two low initiative ships?

Turn 3: I did not see that block coming!

Turn 3: The 1straight from Backdraft would block my sloop, so I could not dare to try. I did not expect him to turn everything on Anakin, that completely took me off guard and meant my Mace made another mistake with his ridiculous 5k. I hoped he would bump me with one ship, and place the other in front of Mace. Instead, he turned east and blocked Anakin’s 3 bank. Fortunately for me, that left only Kylo with a shot. Unfortunately for me, I took a 7% chance event of 3damage on Anakin… that hurt!

Turn 4: Run, Ani, Run!

Turn 4: Anakin had to get out of there and regenerate what he could! I made another mistake with Mace by locking Blackout when Kylo or Backdraft would have been the obvious choice – and Backdraft out of those, according to my target priority! The ARC had to circle around the debris, not doing anything. His Blackout t-rolled around the cloud, probably hoping for that obstructed shot. Kylo also circled around the debris and nicely placed himself into range 1 of Mace without having arc. I did not quite understand this one either. The stress really hurt Kylo, too. Got another shield off Backdraft while losing nothing myself. Good round for me!

Turn 5: Bye Bye Backdraft

Turn 5: The obvious move was for me to move Anakin behind the cucumber cloud. So I had to turn right instead to prevent that, as it could be near-catastrophic, and regenerated back over the half-points threshold. My Mace could nicely fit a sloop that blocked much of Backdraft and got arc on Kylo. My greatest fear at this point was 1 or 2 hard east for the rear shot, and I was thinking about taking the 5-kturn instead of the sloop. This was clearly a gamble on my part, but it paid off: he tried a 1hard right, stressed himself and bumped Mace without getting arc on my trooper who had turned around the debris and got a range 1 shot himself on Backdraft. I got very lucky, modified for 4 hits and got the 12% freak event of erasing Backdraft off the board. He lost 3 shield himself, so it was “just” a net plus of 1, but my damage was so much more important!

Turn 6

Turn 6: Removing Backdraft was huge for my own outlook on the game, an important morale boost for me and I started to see the matrix. Mace blue bank, roll in front of the debris and block Kylo. Anakin comes around with the wrath of the righteous, the ARC would simply turn his rear towards Blackout. Here I got lucky – Blackout had a tiny part past the debris and my shot was not even obstructed! The shots from Anakin and the trooper removed 3 HP total and halved him, including dealing a weapons failure crit.

Turn 7

Turn 7: Clearly Blackout would run, so my guys would follow. Arguably, I made another mistake with Mace as I slooped him, but I did that to cover for potential Kylo-shenanigans while Anakin would hunt Blackout down and the ARC simply k-turned. He misjudged a maneuver with Kylo and landed on a gas cloud. Anakin dealt just one more damage, but that was ok as I had a force-modified 3v4 shot only.

Turn 8: I was 99% sure that Mace could fit a 2bank past Anakin, but it was just not enough by a tiny amount and so I bumped myself. Anakin went fast – mistake, it was too fast – and removed Blackout from the game. His Kylo was turning around, and so did my ARC. Unfortunately, Kylo dealt a shield to Mace here at range 3. I did not see that coming at all!
Turn 9: Pointed my ARC at Kylo, slooped Anakin around and was scared with Mace, who regenerated a shield and went fast and even took an evade. That meant Kylo did not shoot him but the ARC instead (another 3 damage!).
Turn 10: MISTAKE! Mace forgot to regen, Kylo rolled 4 damage, Mace rolled blanks and died. I knew that I would not get a shot, so why did I not regen? I don’t know. Just a brainfart that cost me a ship… At least Anakin dealt his grandson a lesson and pushed 2 damage through, getting half points on Kylo. His new win condition was now to 200-x me.
Final Turn 11: Kylo went after the ARC, Anakin got another range 1 shot with double mods and that was game. 200-92.


  • Blackout never managed to get an obstructed shot, so that worked out well;
  • Backdraft never managed to get a rear shot, so that, too, worked out well;
  • Left Kylo for last, as planned;
  • Keep my distance – I can always correct by repositioning!;
  • don’t forget to regenerate…;
  • the ARC takes damage fast, I need to get used to 1 agility die…


Turn 8: Bye Bye Blackout
Turn 9: the ARC took 3 damage – ouch!
Turn 10: Huge mistake with Mace that lost me the Jedi Master. That description is unambiguous, despite Anakin on the council…
Turn 11 and game

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