Inert Fat Han: Myths and Reality

The list:
Han Solo (82)
Trick Shot (2)
Luke Skywalker (26)
Kanan Jarrus (12)
R2-D2 (Crew) (8)
Engine Upgrade (7)
Millennium Falcon (6)
Inertial Dampeners (1)
Total: 144

Myth: Han was available from the beginning and no one figured it out until now.
Reality: Inert Fat Han was made widely known by an official ruling on March 21st. Before that, the interaction was up to debate and a negative ruling would threaten the build.

Myth: No one saw Fat Han coming until the UK System Open on April 13th/14th 2019.
Reality: It had been played and discussed at least at around Krayt Cup, March 2nd 2019.

Myth: Han has 8 positions to end up in.
Reality: Han has 63 potential positions: stop+3boosts are 4, 3 red maneuvers, 14 maneuvers, plus 3 boost choices after each of these 14. So, 4+3+14+3*14 = 63. Obviously several will be blocked on each turn and many overlap due to the large base. But the 8 positions are only true once you know his maneuver. You can use Sense, Informant or Cassian to learn about his chosen maneuver, and then you can maybe block 4-5 of the 8 by blocking 1 well enough.

Myth: People are riled up and claim he’s overpowered or He isn’t overpowered because I beat him or Han is the underdog in this meta or He is 144pts, he should be that good.
Reality: It does not matter whether the Han build is too strong or not, and that means it doesn’t matter whether you can and did beat him. What matters is that Han brings back several widely disliked characteristics of the first edition all at once, such as unlimited regeneration (R2-D2), full information maneuver change at i6 (inertial dampeners), 360° turrets (LukeGunner), large base white boost (engine upgrade), and that his win condition is to run for time as points fortress (144pts) after scoring some points.

Myth: Han is not an NPE because he is not overpowered or Han requires skill to play, so he is not an NPE.
Reality: Performance and NPE are not linked. See SpaceOwl’s recent post or this recent post on my blog about NPEs for further explanation. Paraphrasing the most concise summary I’ve seen: “Inert Fat Han is a problem because a good player can do so well – it is a very linear game”.

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