Battle Report: Vaapad, vassal, 21.4.19

And the next game with the Vaapad list – that’s my working title until I hear someone name it. Again the 199pts version.

Anakin Skywalker (60), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (18)
Mace Windu (46), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (16)
104th Battalion Pilot (42), Seventh Fleet Gunner (9)
Maul, Dooku, Feethaw (200pts)

I’ll call the Feethaw Oulaw “FOA”.

Opponent’s determining action and my target priority: His Maul adds a lot of offensive power and adds Palpatine, so that is a large threat. I don’t want to shoot a cloaked Dooku. The bellbulab… no clue yet, I have never seen it on a table so far. I expect it to melt relatively fast, even though 7HP are quite a bit to chew through.

Deployment: I started with the cucumber cloud and then placed two solid obstacles next to the one that he had placed himself. The idea was that the obstacles will at least prevent a lateral decloak in that part of the map. And it gave me the part where I wanted to fight, because my small ships with double repositioning are much more comfortable in there than two large base ships. He set up his FOA along his board edge, apparently wanting to trail the two Infiltrators or to set up a flank. I placed my ARC in the SE corner. Then he showed with Dooku where he was going to place his other ships, so Mace and Anakin set up the flank.

Setup. Note that he chose to fight on the side with solid obstacles.

The gameplan for the first turns: Bank the ARC into the middle. Either he comes straight at me, then I’ll run. Or he doesn’t then I can turn NE or bank between the obstacles in the SE field. Mace and Anakin would go after Maul if Dooku stayed cloaked to deny the cloak-removal, or after Dooku if he decloaked himself.

How it went:

Turn 1: As planned, I banked the ARC in and went fast with both Anakin and Mace. He went fast with the FOA and the infiltrators. You see the FOA already after his turn 2 move, I was too slow with taking the picture… Dooku’s decloak +4straight gave him range on my ARC, and Maul coordinated a roll to get out of Mace’s arc. Unfortunately I rolled double blank and took 2 shields. But I felt I had the much better position here.

Turn 2: He went slow with Dooku, clearly not able to get a shot this turn, and presenting me his flank. I turned the ARC away but was pretty sure that I’d still have Dooku in the rear arc, independent of his maneuver. He turned in the FOA but was too far away after Anakin rolled right. Mace went to range1 of the uncloaked Dooku, and Anakin would get his 4dice attack with the gunner. That had to hurt, and it did! 7 damage after the two doublemodified 4v1 and 4v2 shots and another 2v2 from the ARC, which is not unlikely as we expect 3 from Anakin +ARC, and another 3 from Mace.

Turn 3: I saw the 2bank from the FOA coming from a mile, so I turned Anakin in. I also brought my ARC around the cloud and regenerated the gunner. The expected damage is very, very similar if the ARC shoots at range 3. Dooku slooped, and that allowed Mace to arcdodge after his 2turn. I was conservative with my roll and didn’t get the range 1 shot, but it’s still very nice. So this round I had 2 shots against his one from the FOA. I dealt another 2 damage to Dooku, and 3 to FOA (30% chance), but lost a surprising 3 shields on Anakin myself (4% chance)!

Turn 4: Anakin had to regen, so 5straight it was. The trooper would prefer a shot on the FOA, and that meant 1bank and self-bump. Mace did the 2 sloop to finish Dooku. He did not get a single shot, while I got two. Dooku died, and the FOA took just one more damage. But I was far ahead by now. I expected a bank from Maul for the next turn, so I’d go after him with all three ships.

Turn 5: I hoped he would turn the FOA in, so I did a 1straight with my ARC and recovered the gunner. At worst, Mace with his 3straight would get a 4th die against Maul. Anakin also had to turn in, roll and boost to get the shot. The FOA bumped as I expected, and Maul completely surprised me by a 2hard that landed on the debris. He did not roll a crit, but my red dice corrected that quickly! The two attacks dealt 6 damage, which is again one more than expected and he popped Grievous. I think there was a direct hit in there.

Final Turn 6: Maul took 3 more damage and he conceded.

Final Turn 6: The ARC would bank left, recharge the gunner, and give Anakin space, so he could 2 bank and follow Maul. Mace would not get his shot next turn, taking it slowly for once and setting up a nice turn 7 shot. His FOA went fast south and boosted southeast around the cloud, while Maul also did a 3 straight – onto the next obstacle. The reason for Anakin’s maneuver is that I couldn’t know where Maul was going and the 2bank would clear the Palpatine-dealt stress while also giving me plenty options. I ended up rolling west (right) and the boost just fit past the ARC. That gave me another nice 4v1 shot, where the expected damage is 3. That’s what I got, and at this point he conceded. The end result was 200-0 as he conceded when my Arc was on 4hull and Anakin had regenerated back past half points.


  • My list outright murders low agility ships. These 4v1 attacks are brutal, and moving after with double reposition AND force means I don’t take many shots back;
  • Regen was again great as I recovered half points, but just one red maneuver this game, used the gunner twice;
  • His Maul shot twice all game, Dooku shot once, the FOA shot once. These four attacks dealt 9 damage, which is quite good. The amount of attacks is not so good. I had 11 shots in 6 turns, of which the ARC had two weapons disabled and Anakin one turn, so out of 15 maximally possible. Of course turn 1 was not going to happen for me, so 11/12. That is near perfect. The 11 attacks dealt 23 damage, even a bit below the 9 in 4 from him, despite my great 4dice double modded attacks. This should tell you that time on target is so important and decided this game!;

This game was very fortunate for me, everything worked well.

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