Battle Report: Inert Fat Han, 26.4.19

I had to give the list a try after I had been such a loud mouth in saying that the list is too good.

Han Solo (82), Trick Shot (2), Luke Skywalker (26), Kanan Jarrus (12), R2-D2 (Crew) (8), Engine Upgrade (7), Millennium Falcon (6), Inertial Dampeners (1)
Jake Farrell (36), Outmaneuver (6), Lone Wolf (5)
Total: 191
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The Disclaimer:

  1. I have played a large base ship at a tournament in April 2017 for 4 games. And then again for very few games in the two years since. Overall, I might have maybe 20 games total with large bases of all kinds. That is to say that I really do not know where my maneuvers land me. As such, me playing Inert Fat Han can maybe serve well to indicate the performance floor of the list. Someone with experience – years of experience like Jack Mooney, who played amazingly at the UK SOS an won it! – will definitely do a lot better.
  2. I do not like to run away. My playstyle is to go for the 200-x win, and not to grab few points and then duck&dive for 75min. That, too, is to say that I might have played the list in the wrong way. And it is again to emphasize that this game points towards the performance floor, not ceiling, of the list.

The Rules

75min timed, not the usual 16-19 rounds on Vassal.

The Opponent

I don’t think I’ve played him before. He was trying a list that he might bring to a upcoming, large tournament (what is after Denver?). The way he played, both game-wise and his handling of vassal, demonstrated that he was not a beginner at all. His setup was another clear indicator: spreading out his ships to catch any way Han goes, and placing his rocks in a dense field in the corner.

Also, I want to point out that I asked him before the game whether he wants to play the list himself or if he minds when I play it.

The Batrep


Opponent’s determining action and my target priority: He has an interesting list, Whisper, Duchess and Maarek at same initiative can strip tokens and push a lot of damage through, which Maarek can flip. And Vermeil can coordinate them if necessary, plus still get his dice modification from his ability. He has to take out Jake or burn Han down fast. Whatever his plan, he has to commit fully to it. Going after Jake was shown not to work too well for meta-powerhouses like QuadPhantoms, so I doubt this list can do so. That means I expect him to go after Han and we must be cautious (heh!). On the other hand, I can just take whatever shots I get. Of course, focusing down the same ship turn after turn is best. But my win condition is 1. not to lose points and 2. get just some points myself.

Deployment: He built the mentioned dense net, I placed the 3 more dispersed rocks. I was a bit too mindless here. Particularly my 3rd rock, in the south field (the one on the bottom all left) was just a tad too far left and allowed him to squeeze in the mustache. That was a big mistake that influence the game a lot. I set up Jake in a way that he could go either direction. He cast a wide net with his ships, with the two fast ones, Whisper and Duchess, on the flanks.


The gameplan for the first turns: Move Jake fast down the map on the eastern flank. Turn Han east, thread through the rocks (yeah right…), but with an option to reverse my decision. Let’s see.

How it went:

Turn 1 (no image): I 2-banked Jake right, rolled and boosted. Han went 1-bank right and boosted right to the rock. He stalled for time.

Turn 2

Turn 2: Jake went fast with a 5-straight and boosted towards Whisper. They traded shots, but nothing happened thanks to focus+lonewolf on my side. Han used Dampeners, took a lock on Duchess and turned his arc. That was a small mistake, as I should have taken a focus I think. Anyway, Han dealt a damage to duchess, and took no damage in return. He was on 8h4s because of dampeners. The stress was obviously cleared with Kanan.

Turn 3 and 4 both have no image again: In turn 3, Jake went again 5 straight and then rolled left to get a shot on Vermeil, who went slow. That helped him dodge Whisper. Maarek went after Han, and so did Duchess. Han did a 1 straight, giving him an obstructed shot against Duchess, dealing (and taking) no damage. On turn 4, Jake just barely got past a clever block from Vermeil, then boosted straight. However, Duchess went after him and took a shield off. Whisper had to turn around after getting out of position the previous turn, while Maarek went at Han. But not much happened, because I misjudged a 2turn by a hair and landed on a rock. He took no damage, because rerolls.

Turn 5

Turn 5: I moved Jake in front of Maarek and rolled to the side as I expected a slightly faster move. Unfortunately Maarek did the 2straight and that meant I had no shot. Duchess tried to get arc on Jake, Whisper was still recovering, Vermeil was now out of position. Han did a 2hard, turned his arc and took a focus for his 4v3 dice attack on Maarek. I got lucky, Maarek wasn’t, and so I took no damage while dishing out 4! I was shortly debating the option of a left boost, but I saw that I wouldn’t get out of the arc.

Turn 6

Turn 6: Of course I turned Jake towards Vermeil, and Han to the south west. Duchess and Whisper came after Han, Maarek ran, and Vermeil is slow. Here he pulled a beautiful block on Jake: decloak with Whisper to the left, then coordinate a barrel roll even further left to block my 2-hard. Jake still has LoneWolf and Outmaneuver to deal some damage of course. Han was still next to a rock, so he took a range 1 shot into Duchess, and 4v2 with double mods… that’s a 53% chance to erase her, and Han did. Also, Han took his first damage from Whisper.

Turn 7: Jake going further after Vermeil, trying to get that delicious 3v0 attack. Han had to be a bit careful. I was ready to 2-hard right. But it was better to dampener for the 3rd time this game. Vermeil jammed Jake by the way. Han took his shot, 3v3 against Maarek, and this time it was a 91% chance to destroy the ship. Jake got lucky and pushed 3 damage into Vermeil, bringing him to half points.

At this point, I had taken 1shield on Jake, 1 on Han, and 2 more self-inflicted on Han. For two full ships and half of a third. We played some more turns, but the end result was a 200-0 victory after I regenerated Han back above the half-points threshold.

This game convinced me that the loud voices calling for a change on Fat Han are right. I could win 200-0. That is not something I usually get with lists that I play for dozens of games. And yet here I did, after plenty mistakes on my part.

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