Battle Report: Anakin Mace Tucker, vassal, hyperspace, 10.6.19

Anakin Mace Tucker
Boba and 2 Starvipers

Opponent’s determining action and my target priority (including “Plan Red”): Boba is the key piece. He wants to get in close, and tears me apart with the free rerolls and the double focus tokens. The seismic means I have to be extra careful of my positions and maneuver choices.

Deployment: I took first player and set down the large rock. He placed the ice cone in the NE field, followed by my cucumber. I also placed the small rock, and he put down the other two. This created a large open space inside of the “V” on the eastern side of the board. Important to keep the seismics in mind. I set up my three ships relatively close together, Anakin on the western flank. He started with Boba in the NE corner.

The gameplan for the first turns (“Plan Blue”): Swap positions of Tucker and Mace, and try to pull him in, so my wide flank by Anakin and the shorter by Mace work out.

How it went:

Turn 1 (no picture): He moved Boba along his edge, the starvipers did their banks and stuff. Anakin went fast and rolled out. Tucker with his 1 straight, Mace with a 1bank left.

Turn 2: Tucker did his 1 straight again and rolled sideways to make space for Mace and his 3 bank. The red starviper was intentionally blocked, the yellow one went fast and boosted/bankrolled into the board. Boba did a 4k, calling a potential bluff with Anakin. But I didn’t bluff, and the 2 bank + boost brought me close for a first shot with double mods. Free shields, and both my Jedi in a nice position for the next turn. Tucker was a bit lost, but I don’t really need him in this matchup, at least not yet.

Turn 3: Bank by Tucker, and rolling behind the crab hand. I could have focused (should have!) because of the cloud, but I was afraid that he’d dedicate a starviper to grab some early, easy points. The red starviper glided along the edge, the yellow one set up a beautiful flank. Mace and Anakin both ended up in that killbox, tunnel vision on Boba. On the plus side, I brought Boba down to 3 hull, that’s 5 damage with 6 red dice (by a direct hit). He didn’t have modifiers, but that was still lucky on my part. Mace rolled hit – focus – focus, and I believe I correctly rerolled one with the lock and modified the second with a force. On the negative side, I lost Mace. The two starvipers took their shots. First I lost 2 shields, spending my last force to evade one damage. Then I rolled 3 focus on his hit-hit-crit, which was also a direct hit. The chances for that are rather low: Two range 3 shots when I have a force? That’s 0.05%. But adding a crit with 5/33 that it’s a direct hit gives me 0.0075% chance or one in 13’000. So yeah, rather low.
The funny thing is that it felt somehow fair at the moment? I got very lucky with my shots on Boba, and now lost Mace in return. I was just sad that I didn’t get to use my R2 or the spare parts canisters. Again.

Turn 4

Turn 4: Tucker went through the cloud, and the Starvipers set up another killbox. Boba dropped a seismic and k-turned. And Anakin slipped out with a 3bank and boost. Here I made a stupid decision error by rolling left. I should have taken a lock and lose the shot if necessary. Instead, I shot at Boba through the cloud and spent my force to punch a single damage through. The roll put me into a bad position for the coming turn. The seismic had no effect.

Turn 5 (no picture): Tucker turned in, and Anakin slooped. The starvipers excel in a situation like this, where the yellow could bank and then roll back to get a nice shot. I’m not sure when Anakin lost a shield, but I think it was in the turn here. I forgot about Tucker’s ability. I thought the target has to be range 1-2, but just in arc is enough. The friendly has to be at range 1-2, and Tucker would have gotten a focus – and coincidentally that would have put a damage through on Boba. It didn’t matter though, as Boba died next turn anyway.

Turn 6

Turn 6: I tried to get a block with Tucker, but rolled out of the block. His red starviper surprised me, I thought he would bring it next to the yellow one. Boba wanted to turn in (after dropping a seismic) and bumped the red Starviper. Anakin did a 2 bank, and I knew exactly where it would get me as it was the same position as turn 4. I had a nice position to roll right, out of two arcs and took a lock on Boba. The seismic dealt all 3 of us a damage, and that meant my 4v2 shot had to push just one through. I got it and was quasi ahead again. But Anakin was also on 0 shields, so I had to run and regenerate.

Turn 7: Tucker had to go 2 straight only because I was afraid I would block Anakin. I was right to be scared, even if it doesn’t look like it after my roll to get out of range. Tucker took two full damage despite my evade and the yellow starviper not having predator. I think, from here on I should have run Tucker away, but I decided to go for it anyway. In a competitive setting, I would (or at least should) run away, but definitely not in such a friendly game

Turn 8: Tucker with a 3K and Anakin regenerated another shield. I took two more damage on Tucker. I was still ahead because 86 Anakin + 7 bid + half Tucker (16) is 109 vs his 100 from the two Starvipers. But Tucker would soon die, I thought.

Turn 8

Turn 9: Tucker blocked Yellow, red got a shot (but missed) and Anakin did his 3-turn replacement. I want to emphasize this because I don’t always remember myself: a 1bank-1bank is almost the same as a 3turn. Especially valuable to keep in mind on a ship with a quasi-free boost. Anyway, no other shots. But I was now in a nice position to take back the lead in the next turn. Another 1bank-1bank and a lock should give me a nice shot.

Turn 10: Everything went better than expected. I rolled over and took the risk of a 4v3 shot. He decided not to focus, which was a mistake on his part that he immediately mentioned when I moved Anakin. Here, I got lucky. 20% to get 3 hits, and adding in the chance for a crit and that being a direct hit results in a 1.4% chance. With that bit of luck on my side now, the tables turned again! From here, I should really have run away Tucker.

Turn 11: 4v3 shot nr1

Turn 11: I expected the Starviper to do something fancy to cover my 5k, which he expected. So I moved Tucker in a bank and rolled left to block the blue right banks. I had hoped the 2sloop would fit, but once the block happened, I could finally see that there was no chance. A decision error on my part was not to remove my stress in this situation. I should have planned ahead already. A 4v3 shot is at 62% to deal some damage, a force improves that to 80% though, and I hoped for it. Didn’t get lucky.

Turn 12: And the third 1bank-1bank, the second 4v3 shot. Still no damage though. He managed to take out Tucker despite my evade, which had a surprisingly high chance to happen.

Turn 12: 4v3 shot nr2

Turn 13: And one more 4v3 shot, this time with a lock. Now the expected damage is above 2, and this time the two went through.

Turn 13

The remaining turns 13-17 had me trying to finish the game. It might be a combination of my opponent being really good with Starvipers and me having no feeling for the way they move, but usually, you’d expect an i6 Aethersprite to have an easier time. You can see the remaining 4 images below. I didn’t regenerate the last time (I missed the window in turn 14 where I mistakenly rolled instead of regenerating an R2 charge), and I could have regenerated in turn 16 when he blocked me nicely, so that was clearly another perception error because it didn’t even occur to me.


This will be about the list. I’ve played it three times now:

  • Anakin and Mace are still great, and I’d love Sense if only Mace would survive long enough to make it a factor;
  • The spare parts canisters are… questionable. The fact that they need an action hurts more than I thought first because the Aethersprite already gets free repositioning and force as action substitutes. And yet, the moment you’d use it to regenerate the R2 charge is probably a situation deep in the game where force is rare and the action is spent on a focus or another reposition. It would require a much more defensive play style, disengaging more, to make use of it. So what about a shield upgrade instead? I’ll try that next. It has the added benefit of a higher points threshold, which is great on such expensive ships;
  • Tucker is not bad, but 6pt for an ability that costs an action instead of an assigned focus is too much. I get that FFG had to limit this to once per round, but that could be achieved with a charge. The way it is, he won’t get the focus when stressed. And he is often stressed.

So that gives me my next iteration:

Anakin Skywalker (60), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (18), Shield Upgrade (8)
Mace Windu (46), Sense (6), R2 Astromech (4), Delta-7B (16), Spare Parts Canisters (4)
Gold Squadron Trooper (25)
Total: 191
View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

Possibly with another shield upgrade on Mace and R4 instead of R2? Or just switching R2 to the underestimated R4-P? I don’t know yet, but this list feels like it has something to it.

Until next time!

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