Battle Report: Anakin Mace Tucker, vassal, hyperspace, 8.6.19


Opponent’s determining action and my target priority (including “Plan Red”): His list has two Delta7Bs and three HeightenedPerceptions. But he lacks an i6 pilot like Anakin. Overall, we put the same amount of red dice on the board, but he has a bit more durability in Ahsoka versus my Tucker. That makes me the – slightly – worse jouster. As such, he probably wants to straight up joust me.
I should remove them by initiative. First the i5 Obi-Wan, and then I can arcdodge with both my Jedi.

Deployment: We built some jousting lanes. I placed both cucumbers, the second one in his corner at an angle to invite him into the central channel. He placed all his ships in the corner, with increasing initiative being closer to the edge. I placed Tucker in the middle, allowing him to enter the middle or western jousting lane. Mace in the SW corner, and Anakin a bit next to Tucker further east, to go for the wide flank.

The gameplan for the first turns (“Plan Blue”): Give him Tucker, arcdodge with Mace on the edge, and wide flank with Anakin.

How it went:

Turn 1: He came down fast. Tucker went just one forward to get a nice position for the bank and clog up that channel. Anakin went around the cloud with a boost. And my Mace… well, that was stupid. I think my idea to flank at the edge was ok. As such, this would be an execution error as I went too fast to properly follow my plan. The reason I went so fast was to sell the next move: a turn by Mace, possible to be caught by all his ships and thus making him waste his action on a target that won’t be in. The 4 straight had the added downside of bringing me into range 3 of Ahsoka. That was foolish, but 2v3 with mods on both sides usually lands no damage (80% to forgive my mistake). But it wasn’t the shot where I had messed up, it was the position. A 3 straight would have been fine and still sold the joust of Mace.

Turn 2: combat. Half Mace and full Tucker for a bit of his Mace… not worth the trade!

Turn 2: This turn was full of my mistakes and lost me the game, I think that is fair to say. Tucker banked in, providing a juicy target. I should have taken an evade and rolled right, closer to Anakin and further away from the rest. My decision error was to take a lock on Ahsoka, completely the wrong action. My opponent moved all his ships at increasing speeds, and all took locks on Mace. My Mace did a 1bank and rolled to the side, out of some arcs. That was a good move, dodging two of his and wasting their two lock actions for the initial joust. But it was both a perception error and an execution error. The perception error was that I didn’t realize how I’d like Obi-Wan to use a reposition action to counter Mace’s flank. The execution error was on how I got into the position. A 1bank+roll was fine and dodged two arcs. But it left my shot on Mace obstructed. I don’t even know why I wanted to shoot Mace in the first place, so that target lock was a decision error. Better would have been a 1turn+roll+bank or even a 2turn+roll+bank. That latter would have blocked Obi-Wan. And even the other one would not leave me worse off, but instead with better options for the next turn. Below, you can see the final positions. I can’t perfectly place the cloud and the other ships, but you can compare blue and green to the yellow position, which is exactly as in the game.
And then finally Anakin. I was sure that a 2bank would fit, but I was aware that it would be very close. This decision error is one of the most frequent errors I make because a risky maneuver is just not clever in a situation like this. Maybe a better maneuver would have been a 3 straight followed by a left boost? A 4 straight+boost would on top allow me to roll down. I tried to recreate the situation and at least in my recreation, I didn’t get his ships in arc with those maneuvers. The better option was interestingly enough to go 2 straight and then boost. But that’s in my recreation. It looks like that fit and would get arc, but I’m not entirely sure. Similar end position, but much better position due to lack of obstruction and a target lock – if it is true. That is an awful lot of text, but I think it is worth it because those were many mistakes with just three ships. The overall idea was good, but my execution was lackluster.
On top of that, his shots with 9 red dice dealt 8 damage, including a direct hit. That was bad luck, but ultimately my mistake. I could have taken an evade with Tucker and rolled over to maybe get a range 3 shot from his Mace. And my Mace could have possibly blocked his Obi, or at least lure him into barrel rolling and thus to lose the lock.
And to add insult to injury, I was sure I had an R2 on Mace. But I didn’t, I had changed it to R4-P and that made my reckless maneuver outright stupid. Hopefully, I learn from these mistakes.

Better maneuvers for Mace in turn 2

Turn 3-6: We danced around each other for a bit. I think my decisions were mostly ok, and I almost got Mace (down to 1 hull). I made another decision error in turn 5 when I didn’t go after Mace. I thought it was too obvious and expected him to set up a punishing flank with his other ships. So I did not try, but he also didn’t.

Turn 3
Turn 4
Turn 5: I should have gone after Mace with a 1hard + boost.
Turn 6 and end.


I think the very detailed explanation for turn 2 is enough for lessons, but to quickly summarize them:

  • Deception is good, but don’t undermine your engagement to sell it;
  • Torrents aren’t here to deal damage, so keep him alive and evade if in doubt;
  • If he’s the better jouster, fewer shots are better for me;
  • No risky maneuvers in the opening engagement!;
  • Simple: No-lock vs no-cloud is better than lock vs cloud;
  • The choice between a better shot against the main target, or a worse shot against a target when your other attack will go on this one, too? Go after your main target.

They are all important but on different levels. The ones on Torrents and risky maneuvers are very basic. The deception and jouster ones are conceptionally on a larger, higher scale. The two points on wrong target decision are different: one is very technical, there is a correct answer. The other is again on a higher level.

That’s it for now, until next time.

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