Blog is now on a break

The last blog entry dates back to August 14th 2019. A week later I went to Krakow, Poland, for the European Championships. It has been very quiet for almost 3 months, and here’s a small update.

Euros was in principle a great weekend, we had mostly fun and I did not do bad at all. I went 4-2, and my only two losses were against Faan Langelaan – one of the best players in the world – and Miguel Cela, who finished Top 16. I had the opportunity to play with Dion on stream. My matchups were a bit unlucky and yet I did well. My goal was reached.
But something with respect to X-Wing broke in me that weekend. I never got around to write up the games. I simply did not find the motivation or interest to read or write about X-Wing.

Two weeks later we had our only Hyperspace Trial for both seasons and my motivation to play the game was at a new low. Once more I got some evidence that your own head, your morale, is a key factor for success in this game. Again with no motivation to write it up.

Meta analysis is now more complicated due to the seven factions instead of three, spread over two formats. And more widespread as several people do it – with varying due diligence. I will eventually go back to that, as it was a part of the hobby that I enjoyed a lot. The wave 4 analysis was ready, but the lack of motivation to triple check it is why I never released it.

The release of the Nantex and the ensuing discussions were the straw that snapped the already broken back. We went through the same points as with Handbrake Han and plenty other lists, only to be met with the same “but it didn’t win worlds!” and similar ‘counter’ points that intentionally or unintentionally misunderstood the arguments.

On top of all that, it feels like the game took a turn for the worse. Ship numbers are going down, passive mods are abundant again, hyper mobile glass cannon aces started dominating, and defense creep is coming back. Don’t get me wrong, 2.0 is still much, much, much better than 1.0 in pretty much every way. But right now, for me personally, competitive X-Wing is not more fun.

I took it as cue to take a break.

Maybe Major Vonreg is not as degenerate as I suspect, maybe Wave 6 brings some great additions that are not obvious now. Maybe FFG finally starts to curate Hyperspace as a format. Maybe I can play A-wings without getting headaches again.

And then I will write battle reports, participate in online leagues and tournaments, travel to different events, and analyze the meta again. And then I will finish and publish the mostly written articles on the different kinds of fun, on my own mnemonic device during games, on action economy, on slow play, and some more topics.

But for now I take a break. See you soon later!

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