Meta Analysis: Mid Wave 3

Wave 3 dropped on the 20th of March. Since then, the results of 15 Hyperspace Trials primarily from the US were entered in listfortress: Krakow, Santa Clara, Wyoming, New South Wales, Lima, Nürnberg, Texas, Alaska, Flint, Milwaukee Maryland, Paris, California, Florida and Minnesota. Unfortunately, players or TOs in Ontario, Dublin, Cardiff and the first of … Continue reading Meta Analysis: Mid Wave 3

Meta Analysis: Wave 2

I limited my data to 13 hyperspace trials (regionals) since the Upsilon nerf with mostly full lists entered. That includes Blacksun Trials (AU), Redmond (US), Malmö (SE), Germany, Bromley (UK), Ohio (US), Bathurst (AU), Stockport (UK), Kentucky (US), Minnesota (US), Arizona (US), Austin (US), Quebec (CA). That means I have 624 lists for swiss and … Continue reading Meta Analysis: Wave 2