Battle Report: 5A, Hyperspace Tournament, 23.3.19

This was a small four-round tournament with 14 participants. I brought the five A-wings in version 4: all ships have heroic+crackshot, the generics get AdvancedOptics. Additionally I brought the 3 largest rocks to break up swarms if I had to play against them. Game 1 vs non-competitive XYYU variant A good (hungover) player who hasn't … Continue reading Battle Report: 5A, Hyperspace Tournament, 23.3.19

Meta Analysis: Wave 2

I limited my data to 13 hyperspace trials (regionals) since the Upsilon nerf with mostly full lists entered. That includes Blacksun Trials (AU), Redmond (US), Malmö (SE), Germany, Bromley (UK), Ohio (US), Bathurst (AU), Stockport (UK), Kentucky (US), Minnesota (US), Arizona (US), Austin (US), Quebec (CA). That means I have 624 lists for swiss and … Continue reading Meta Analysis: Wave 2