X-Wing Fundamentals

Basic knowledge of the game from others. Several topics were covered much better than I ever could, so go and check their articles.

  1. Basic Maneuvers: Spaceowl Blog; Earn Your Wings; SOTL;
  2. Turn Zero: obstacle selection, placement and more;
    1. By 5050Saint on the Midwestcrub blog (Part 1, Part 2)
    2. By Nathan on his blog
    3. Commitment points by Marc/dbldown11
  3. Openings;
    1. Finger Four: The most extensive opening article I know
  4. Formation Flying on SpaceowlBlog;
  5. Arc Dodging and Escaping on Notsuchabadpilod;
  6. Win Conditions by TLFJ;
  7. Squad Harmony by SOTL;



Topics can include mechanical basics, standard skills, intermediate maneuver combinations, formation flying, focus fire, kill boxes, synergies within a ship and between ships.

Very Basics:

Intermediate Maneuver Combinations:

Other tactics: